Build any kind of software with code,
low-code, or no-code at all.

Power and flexibility of microservices at every level of the software development stack.

Not a new language... a new way of using the languages and technologies you know.

Born at the edge, at home in the cloud. Build anywhere, run anywhere.
The future is freedom from LaaS (Lock-in-As-A-Service).

Realize your vision.

You have ideas? The only limitation is your imagination.


Liberate your services! Run on servers, serverless, or in the cloud.


Create new functionality and easily integrate into your existing apps.


Build new apps from the ground up and deploy to your customers or an app store.

Feel free to change lanes.

Life is about the journey, not the destination...
but deliverables are your results.

Rapid Prototyping

Modular architecture makes it easy to put together functionality.

Fast and Reliable Development

Stop re-building functionality! Create configurable components with ease.

High Performance Engineering

Build and compile complex solutions within a structured framework.

Build for the future.

Build from the ground up with the latest concepts and technologies.

Event Driven

Building reactive, realtime solutions has never felt so natural.

Micro Everything

From backend to frontend, build reliable blocks that seamlessly work together.

Deploy Anywhere

Tired of compromising? Deploy your solution on any technology and any platform.

building a solution

Help us build the future with the Block Beta Bounty.

Developers accepted to the private beta will have the opportunity to compete for prizes.

  • Get a sneak peek at the platform.
  • Provide feedback about developing your blocks.
  • Compete with the community for prizes.

BlockWave is flexible for any solution.

Bring the power and flexibility of microservices to your apps and services.

building a solution

Build the next App Store sensation.

Use BlockWave Lab and the SDK to build powerful backend and frontend blocks for your App!

  • Engineer configurable Blocks to empower your team.

  • Integrate BlockWave into your existing build pipeline.

  • Deliver rock solid client service functionality.

building a solution

Engineer an IoT ecosystem.

Use BlockWave Lab to integrate IoT sensors and devices into a custom edge-computing ecosystem.

  • Deploy BlockWave to low cost edge-components.

  • Connect to sensors and existing ecosystems into a combined solution where the flow of data is configured by you.

  • Send realtime data to Apps for visualization throughout your ecosystem.

building a solution

Implement a realtime event notification workflow.

Integrate with existing systems and supercharge your connections.

  • Add connections to existing services as needed.

  • Perform content analysis on edge, or use a 3rd party cloud service.

  • Routing events is simple configuration using BlockWave.

Ready to get started with BlockWave?

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Built with heart

BlockWave is built by engineers for engineers.

Empower your users like never before.